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Photo Gallery



MOL Main Block- Made from 303 SST for the School of Natural Sciences


Aluminum Insulator Box - Was designed and fabricated for the UC Solar Research Institute. The aluminum plate was cut out and welded by machine shop staff.


"The Tank" was designed and completed by Machine Shop staff members for the School of Natural Sciences. 


The Solar Oil Cycler was fabricated in the Machine Shop for the School of Engineering.


The UC Solar project was machined in-house using materials such as stainless steel, aluminum and teflon.



This MC mounting plate with clamps is made out of copper 101 for the School of Natural Sciences.




This ceramic air filter was machined on a CNC mill. The material is MACOR, a machinable ceramic.



Biomass Capstone Project



Additional Projects

Acrylic End Caps



6061-T651 Aluminum Pieces