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Shop Equipment

The Machine Shop is equipped with a variety of CNC and manual machines. Each machine is tooled up for optimal performance. We also have some hand tools and miscellaneous hardware to assist in the completion of any job. Here are some of the machines found within the shop.


Manual mills (equipped with quick-change tooling and digital readouts)

Manual Mill in lab


Manual lathes (equipped with digital readouts)

Manual lathe in machine shop


Exact Jr. CNC Mill (equipped with a centriod controller for conversational and CAD/CAM tool path control) 

An Exact Jt. CNC mill in the machine lab


Tormach CNC Mills (equipped with conversational and CAD/CAM tool path control)

Tormach CNC Mill in the machine shop


Horizontal cut-off saw

Horizontal Cut-off Saw in machine lab


Vertical saw

Vertical saw in machine shop


TIG/MIG welder

TIG/MIG welder in machine shop                  TIG/MIG Welder in machine shop


Drill press

Drill Press in machine shop


Belt sander

Belt sander in machine shop