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  • ​​Where is the Machine Shop?

The Machine Shop is located in Bulding S&E 1 Room 143. (Location)

  • ​​Can I use the Machine Shop to complete a club project?

Anyone who wants to use the Machine Shop must complete a training class.

  • Where do I sign-up for the training class?

Information can be found by clicking this link.

  • I’m not in the School of Engineering, but I need to manufacture a part for my research group. Can I still use the Machine Shop facility?

All shop users must have taken the research training or undergraduate training course to have shop privileges. If you would like the machine shop to make a part for you, you may stop down or contact the machine shop staff.

  • What are your open lab hours?

Check out our calendar.

  • Do you have 3D printing service?

3D Printing services are located in SE 2 room 155 and are not a part of the machine shop.

  • I am interested to work for the Machine Shop. Where do I apply?

Look for postings on the UC Merced PAWS Job Postings website or kindly ask our full time staff for open positions.

  • Does the Machine Shop supply material for students?

No, we do not supply material.

  • Can I store my material in the Machine Shop?

Ask our staff members to see if we have space for your material.

  • Do I have to bring my own cutters/tooling?

Yes, bring all the necessary tooling with you to the shop. You can meet with staff members beforehand to discuss what you will need.

  • What software does the Machine Shop have available?

Our Windows computers have SolidWorks and Solid CAM.


Feel free to contact the shop with any other questions at 209-228-4169.